Enrolment at Our Lady Help of Christians Primary 


Enrolment Policy

The Catholic parish of South Lismore established Our Lady Help of Christians Parish School to support children’s education in religion and faith.

When seeking enrolment of your child in Our Lady Help of Christians School you commit to a partnership with the Parish Priest, school staff and members of the wider parish school community so that together we can achieve our school’s Vision.

Enrolment in a Catholic school is regarded as an integral part of the faith development of young Catholics and their families.

An acknowledgment that all students will participate in the Catholic Religious Education Programme and an acknowledged willingness to commit to this mission and the ethos of a Catholic School are essential when seeking enrolment.

The school will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the particular learning and access needs of every child.

Age Requirements:

All children must have turned five years of age by 31st July in their first year of school.

No student who turns five after the 31st July will be enrolled in that year.

Enrolment Criteria:

  1. Priority is given to

(a) Catholic families with a commitment to the faith life, worship and service of our parish;

(b) Other Catholic families of our parish;

If enrolment space still exists after these criteria have been used then enrolments of other Catholic children and children of other denominations and faiths will apply.

  1. Priority consideration will be given to

(a) those who already have siblings in our school;

(b) those who have shown a commitment to Gospel values;

Children of other faiths and beliefs will be expected to participate in the school’s Religious Education program and all that it encompasses.

In considering future enrolments of students of other faiths it should be noted that the optimum would be 10% of the school population.

Ultimately, all enrolments are at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Parish Priest.

Conditions of Enrolment:

  1. Parents are expected to give their children every opportunity to experience their faith in the home and provide encouragement to practise it.
  2. Parents are expected to support and encourage the standards of behaviour, discipline, dress, cleanliness, tidiness and other expectations of the school.
  3. Parents must accept that all students partake fully in the school program.
  4. Parents are expected to be supportive of the teachers and school administration.
  5. Parents are expected to be involved in school activities.
  6. Parents are expected to commit themselves to payment of school fees and levies.

Enrolment Acceptances:

Our Lady Help of Christians Parish School accepts enrolments at all times during the school year through the school office.

Established by the Catholic parish of South Lismore, Our Lady Help of Christians Parish School aims to support Catholic families and those committed to the development of children spiritually, socially, physically and academically.

When seeking enrolment of your child at Our Lady Help of Christians School you are committing to a partnership between the Parish Priest, school staff, the school and all parish communities so that together we can achieve our school’s vision.

School Fees:

The school fee structure currently comprises the following components:

1 child $936 per year
2 children $1677 per year
3+ children $2190 per year

Technology Fee: (K-Yr6) $120 per child per year

Resource Fee: $30 per child per year

Building Fund Levy: $280 per family per year.

Methods of Payment:

Annually: Payment in full at any time before Term 2 School Fee Due Date.

Term: School fees may be paid on a per term basis and should be finalised within 30 days of receiving the next Term’s Fee statement.

Each of the three (3) Term instalments must be paid by the respective due date to avoid incurring a $25 late fee per term.

The Building Fund Levy is billed with Term 1 Fees.

Other: Arrangements may be made to pay fees in weekly /fortnightly or monthly instalments. Parents/Guardians should negotiate these arrangements before the Term 1 fee due date. It will be necessary for instalments to be calculated to cover the total of the term fee.

The school also has Direct Deposit , BPay Banking & Eftpos facilities

Please contact the office for further details if you wish to pay via Direct Deposit.


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