Mackillop Youth

The aim of Mackillop Youth at OLHC is to build a culture of discipleship and form students to be servant leaders and witnesses to faith.

This is actioned by providing opportunities for students to make a difference in the world through:

–Modelling upon St Mary MacKillop and the Charism of the Sisters of St Joseph to guide us in our life of service.
–Promoting MJR in our school and supporting other students to follow the example of Christ
–Creating awareness and knowledge of Catholic Social Teaching and of our missionary call to service.

The students who are members of Mackillop Youth meet each fortnight with a group of teacher mentors to learn about Mary Mackillop and the sisters of St Joseph, to develop ideas and strategies to promote MJR in our School and to create awareness of issues through fundraising and other activities.

Mackillop Youth builds the leadership skills of our students in Years 3-6.